Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robin Hood Tuesdays or Lex, Rex

I've posted in the past about how all of my daughters are fans of the Curtiz/Flynn Robin Hood. They've also dipped into the print Pyle Robin Hood and various other children's storybook Robins.

I found a DVD set of the complete 1950s "The Adventures of Robin Hood" TV series for $9.99 in a bin at Wegmans. All 143 episodes. I couldn't resist.

Tonight was the first night of a new regular family tradition: Tuesday Night Robin Hood.

The first episode: The Coming of Robin Hood.

Mildred is covering my eyes right now. I can't see what I'm writing. She thinks this is very funny. She is laughing and laughing.

Okay, she left.

The Coming of Robin Hood.

This is the Robin Hood origin story that Ridley Scott wished he could have filmed. Robin comes home from the Crusades and finds his little slice of England in a lawless condition. His land and house have been given to a weasel and the local Sheriff is doing nothing about it except to counsel the weasel on how to properly kill Robin. Robin's letter from King Richard acknowledging him as a legitimate lesser magistrate sets up Robin's flight into outlawry

Mildred is covering my eyes again. I can't see what I'm doing. SAhe's laughing as I type with her arm in front of my head.

Okay, she left again.

Robin's becoming an outlaw is not simplistic. He does so because the law has been corrupted. Those in positions of authority have become tyrants and ignored justice. Robin knows the law and recognizes that the law/justice is not present in England. Robin thus is the representative of the law under King Richard (who is absent) and brings the Law with him into Sherwood Forest and this first episode sets up future possibilities. Robin is the true authority, forced into hiding by unlawful usurpers. And Robin will uphold the law wherever he is found.

The show reminded me visually of the early Dr. Who episodes I've seen, including more long takes than you'd expect from a film of the same period. There is also a lot less shot/reverse shot going on. More often, characters talking to one another share the same frame through a conversation. Anyhow, the show looks nice and sounds nice. I'm impressed. See you next Tuesday.


[I've been watching a lot lately and am behind on posting. Sorry. Expect a disappointing post soon in which I dump out a lot of single sentence non-reviews.]

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