Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jeffrey 2008

I agree that 2008 was a great year for movies.

It was also the year that CR5FC was born. Brandon and I started talking about movies in January of that year. By the end of July, these blogs arrived and now here we all are.

I'll interact with your list a bit...

1) Synechdoche, New York
I'd love to read your 10-page essay. Post the whole thing! I'm actually on the record saying that this may be the best American film of 2008. In another place, I compare the film to Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive.

2) The Dark Knight
Batman is George W. Bush.
Seriously, Jim Emerson has done a great job tearing this film apart. Check out his blog archives.

3) Tell No One
I took Abby on a date to see this one at the Art Mission and we were the only ones there. It was a wonderful experience. This is a fine pick. Check out Farewell if it ever comes out on DVD. The director of Tell No One is the lead actor in Farewell.

4) The Class
I haven't seen this one. Likely never will.

WALL-E is the anti-Kubrick. I absolutely love WALL-E.

6) The Fall
I'm with you on this one. Not only visually stunning. I'm one of the few that thinks that the story totally holds up on its own.

7) Let the Right One In

8) Milk
I can't get behind Saint Harvey.

9) Revolutionary Road + 10) Ballast
I missed both of these.

There are at least three different versions of my 2008 top ten list floating around in my archives. For example, at one point A Christmas Tale was in the #2 spot. In the final list, it shares #11. Lists are silly and stupid. Lists are great. Here's a link to my final posted list:

Click on the link above for all thirty films listed in my top 12, but here are the top ten with some comments...

1. Mister Lonely
Julien Donkey-Boy is still my favorite, but this might be Korine's best film.

2. Still Life
I still think about the "spaceship" often.

3. The Romance of Astrea and Celadon
This is a film I would die defending.

4. Ashes of Time Redux
I dream of seeing this on a big screen someday.

5. Wall-E

6. Funny Games
Film Club's Dead Horse.

7. Appaloosa
Honestly, this might be my favorite film on the list.

8. La France
I was lucky enough to see this at Cornell in late 2008. I initially tried to make sense of it by comparing/contrasting it to Cold Mountain.

9. In Bruges
I watched this three times in a week, but haven't seen it again since.

10. Iron Man
A "guilty" pleasure. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best superhero movie that has been made so far. Make mine Marvel!

Note that back then I wasn't following my strict dating system. I should go back sometime and make a proper 2008 top ten and also reorder films based on how I feel about them now. Eventually.


Jason, it's good to see you back

Ben, I actually completed a "Cinematic Alphabet" list a year or two ago, but never posted it. I'm going to edit it a bit and post it soon.

Lisa, I'd be more jealous of Florida if the sun hadn't finally come out today. Enjoy your vacation.

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