Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boozed Out Baboon

I'm willing to forgive Brandon's obvious lapse in sound judgment. Our poor boy has been on a drug-and-alcohol-fueled rock 'n' roll tour for far too long. He hadn't seen a movie in weeks. He's malnourished. His only source of protein has been the moonshine that he's been swilling for breakfast. We can't be too angry with him for falling for Seth Rogen's version of Alf.

Re-posting my Paul thoughts in a shameless attempt to shame Brandon into a more sober perspective:

I was in a bad mood after having to stay late at work yesterday so I chose to go see a 10:20p showing of Paul to wind down.

If you like...
...gratuitous strings of vulgar language (for the sake of cheap laughs rather than honest character exploration), pseudo-science, nerd ignorance and prejudices, cheap shots at fundy evangelical caricatures, anal probe jokes, notorious product placement, hit-you-over-the-head-obvious-because-you're-stupid film and pop culture references, dumb road trip conventions, bromantic deconstructions of male friendships, cardboard characters, and a lame plot that doesn't do much to transcend any of the weakest of the above...

If you like all of those things, you'll love Paul.

I don't like any of those things.

I hate Paul.

Greg Mottola, you make me weep.

Honestly, I prefer ALF. The writing is much stronger. Seriously.

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