Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jason Smacks Down the Tooth Fairy.

Very enjoyable posts, Jason. It was a lot of fun to read you trashing Dark. I love reading you guys urging Ben and Lisa to go see the film after writing about what a scareless crapfest it is. I don't think they're going to see it. Brandon probably won't see it either. He'll probably catch it when it hits a Redbox, then he'll be afraid to turn off the lights in his apartment for a week.

I think that you hit on the one big reason why I don't like the horror genre. I'm rarely ever scared by a horror movie; which leaves me "pissed that I didn't get scared." I know that it's probably because I'm cynical and hyper-aware of editing and because I'm generally scarier than any ol' movie monster, but I'd like to experience this movie fear, too. And I just don't. I'll try to check out either Paranormal Activity 2 and/or Insidious and get back to you on how stupid and unscary they are. Maybe Hellraiser? Maybe Ernest Scared Stupid? What's the scariest movie you can think of? I'm sick of humoring these creatures under the floorboards. It's time for me to face off against the Big Bad of horror movies.

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