Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reading Goodness

[Quick non-movie non-TV post]

I'm assuming that most of you guys (and gal) read books when you get a chance.

Join me on GoodReads.

I started using GoodReads back in '08, but I was never good about logging things read and would get frustrated when I'd spend a month reading journal articles and SF magazines and have no way to log these things (what's the use of a site designed to share what you're reading if you can't share what you're reading?). It's definitely an incomplete tool (it'd be nice to see journals/magazines added at the very least; am I getting repetitive?), but it is quite nice for what it is. It's fun to see what friends are reading and it's always great to come across that book or two that you may have never heard of otherwise.

I've been using the site again regularly since June.

Jason's been faithfully posting there for a long while.

Ben just recently joined the site.

Now it's your turn, Brandon, Jeff, Lisa, Chris.

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