Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bryan Cranston's Contagion

Hey guys,

I don't feel like writing. Common problem these days, huh?

Yesterday, I spend the day at work helping out guys who are now homeless because of the flood.

By the time I was finished at 9:30pm, I was happy to see that the Binghamton Regal was open. I needed to watch something stupid. I was hoping to catch Rise of the Brandons Who Idiotically Think That Paul Is Better Than Adventureland, but I just missed that monkey mess. Instead, I was able to catch a 10:10pm showing of a movie that I hadn't heard anything about: Contagion. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Starring Bryan Cranston (okay, he's only got a small role and I had no idea that he was going to be in this based on the poster, but he still OWNS this movie).

Short Review:
Contagion is worth seeing if you're in the mood for a non-water-based natural catastrophic disaster film after a long day.

Contagion reminded me of Fincher's Zodiac. Maybe not to that same level, but Soderbergh ignores a lot of the normal thriller aspects to this sort of story and focuses on people doing their jobs. It's mostly UN-thrilling.


I came home late and watched a few episodes of The Simpsons. I can't remember if you guys love this season or not, but I think that I do. Bart sells his soul! Lisa gives up meat! Homer goes digital, then gets dumped in the "real" world! Marge buys a $90 suit! Maggie shoots Burns! Great stuff.

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