Monday, July 18, 2011

Broke Bad: Extreme Measures

S4E01 is not a disappointment. Interestingly (or maybe naturally and of coursely), Jesse Pinkman becomes the conscience of Breaking Bad. If we're not killed, we wish we were so. The stakes continue to be raised. There's only so much bluffing here before a pair of deuces is called out for what it is. The main action in the meth lab is everything it should be, down to the box cutter to the neck. Skyler hunting for her husband is a bit of a surprise, though, right down to (and specifically revealed in) the weaponizing of her baby. We've all broken bad at this point and Hell is a constant companion. Let us now burn loud and long.

For my money (none spent so far), Hank's shitting in a bedpan is the heart of the episode and absolutely necessary. I'm excited to see how this all develops.

Badly broken,

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