Sunday, July 17, 2011

Put your wands away, boys.

I just checked out NWI. Looks like they don't have Season 4 of the Twilight Zone. I've got it and can share. We'll have to arrange a special (usb) wand delivery sometime. I'll make sure Hermione isn't around.

I'll start watching Twilight Zone tomorrow night with ep. 83.

Tonight, I'm going to watch an episode of The Simpsons. While on vacation, I picked up a DVD set of The Simpsons Season 10 for $16. During Season Ten, I would have been in my second year of college and watching these episodes in the Shenawana dorm lounge with the other geeks. This would also probably mark the last Simpsons season that I watched fairly faithfully. As I told Jeff, I was there for the Premiere when I was ten years old in 1989. I was a Simpsons fan while you Potter-Heads were still crapping your diapers. Eat my shorts. I watched pretty faithfully up until I left for college. At college, I watched most of the time. After college, I watched random episodes now and then as my overall TV viewing decreased significantly. I could probably count on two hands the number of episodes that I've seen in the last five years. But now! Jeff and Chris have made me want to watch The Simpsons again and I found this season for $16.

So, stay tuned for future Simpsons posts.

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