Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I believe in monsters.

I've got another Batailles quote for y'all:

At last, one day at six, when the oblique sunshine was directly lighting the bathroom, a half sucked egg was suddenly invaded by the water, and after filling up with a bizarre noise, it was shipwrecked before our very eyes. This incident was so extra- ordinarily meaningful to Simone that her body tautened and she had a long climax, virtually drinking my left eye between her lips. Then, without leaving the eye, which was sucked as obstinately as a breast, she sat down, wrenching my head toward her on the seat, and she pissed noisily on the bobbing eggs with total vigour and satisfaction.

That doesn't have much to do with anything except that I've read Story of the Eye and think that Batailles is a joke.

You think that it's childish to believe in monsters? I think that it's foolish to forget what you once knew to be true: There be monsters.

Then again, your "progress" makes sense. You can't continue to believe in a dragon slayer if you've convinced yourself that there are no dragons.

It's so hard not to respond to off-topic topics. I'm really trying to abide by my last post, but I'm afraid that this post of mine has nothing to do with movies. I guess it has to do with movie club talk. I've restrained myself a lot, but I still need to let out a mini-rant.

I know that you guys are trying to throw me a bone by identifying me as one of the "good" Christians, but I firmly resist your patronizing. It's insulting. It's worse than straight-up name-calling and arguing differences of opinion.

I'm one of the "bad" ones. I believe those dogmatic beliefs that you have rejected. I'm numbered among the crazies. The ones that you're too smart to go back to now.

Enough hippie shit.

Let's stop patronizing each other, okay?

And let's start talking about movies again.

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