Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jeff's 1953

Jeff, I added your list to the google site. I'm happy to see it there. I haven't seen any of the foreign films on the list. I can let you borrow I Confess. It's really good "minor" Hitch. It's been way too long since I've seen The Naked Spur. I think that Brandon has a TCM rip. I think that Pickup on South Street was the first Fuller film that I'd ever seen. It's great. Roman Holiday is probably my favorite romantic comedy of all time.

1953 is a special year. If you go all the way back in my archives to my first post, in July 2008, you'll find my review of Four Sided Triangle, a film from 1953 that no one cares about. It's definitely not going to de-throne any of the films on your list, but it's worth checking out. I'll always remember it as the film that launched Chasing Pictures.

Do any of you (maybe Ben?) know much about these Google sites? I can't seem to get the formatting to work properly. It changes all of the time depending on what computer/device I'm using and/or what browser I'm using. I just can't seem to get the years to line up where they should.

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Jeffrey said...

I saw Four Sided Triangle on your list. It's a pretty great title, but I had never heard of it. Since it launched this blog, I'd love to see it.

The Long, Long Trailer wasn't on my radar either, but I'll try to see that at some point too.

Any older film recommended by you or Brandon is something I wanna see.