Sunday, June 19, 2011



I haven't even read past your first paragraph, but here's a quick jab at your nose.

If that's how you want to date things, then FINE! Meek's Cutoff had its U.S. debut in NYC last October in 2010! Not 2011! Just like King Kong had its debut in NYC in 1933. But, I saw them both in the Bing./Ithaca area in 2011. Do you know for a fact that King Kong played in Binghamton theatres in 1933 or was it just NY and other big cities? I think that 2011 may have been its wide release. If you're sticking to Meek's Cutoff as a 2011 film, them I'm sticking to Kong as a 2011 film.

This has been fun, but I'm really waiting for Ben or Jason to stand up and defend that pile of nostalgcrap that is Midnight in Paris.

I'm gonna actually go and read your Meek's Cutoff post now.


82jp said...

John! Tell me how to fix the email notification thing!

trawlerman said...

You must have changed your "mobile" settings because I see your blog "mobile-formatted" on my iPod. You may have done this without even thinking about it by clicking on something on your "dashboard." Anyhow, for whatever reason, I'm not getting emails anymore. (which especially sucks because you've been posting pretty frequently!)

The settings can be found here:

Go to the settings page for your blog.
Click on "email & mobile"
Add my email address (johnowentrout_at_gmail_dot_com -obviously replace the at and dot with appropriate symbols) in the box that reads "BlogSend Address"
Click on "save settings"