Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tree of Friday Night Life

What are you guys thinking about Tree of Life?

Brandon and I briefly texted about going to see it this Friday and I've talked to Ben in the past about doing the same.

I'm still up for it, but I'm also a bit hesitant.

Tree of Life opens in wide release on July 8th. This might be sacrilege, but I'm willing to wait two weeks longer after waiting two years. I'm not all that keen on sitting in a crowded Cinemapolis theater on opening night.

Brandon, Ben, Jeff - What do you guys think? If everyone else is committed to opening night, then I'm there. Otherwise, I can wait. (Though I'm also afraid that if we wait, then this whole thing will fizzle out from being a club event as we each find that we can't wait and give up and go individually.)

Lisa, when and how long are you going to be in town?

Jason, are you definitely going this weekend up in Rochester?

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