Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick Correction

I'm hiring a sister-in-law babysitter and taking my beautiful wife on a date to see Le Rayon Vert on Thursday, July 7th at 7:45pm. NOT July 11th. Just in case any of you want to meet us there.

I'm definitely not going to the July 1st Film Socialisme screening. I tried watching it again and made it about 22 minutes before giving up. I can't forgive Godard for the "Navajo" subtitles.

I am planning on going to the July 9th Binghamton Classic Films screening of Dangerous Corner. That should be a Film Club Event.

If you guys haven't watched Ben's video yet, you should do so immediately. Imagine what would happen if Malick was a judge on America's Got Talent. Completely inaccessible. Make sure to watch it through to the END. Enjoy.


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