Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm done after this. Truce?

Ordinary Truth?

Here's an "ordinary" truth.

The color blue is different than the color red.

This is an ordinary truth no matter what your color blind friend may say.

Now, here's my proposal for a film.

90 minutes. Two shots. One shot of a blue wall. One shot of a red wall. The film alternates colors. 24 frames of red. 24 frames of blue. For 90 minutes.

There's your ordinary truth.

Except that you don't like "experimental" films like this. You've insisted in the past that you need narrative! You want something more than ordinary truth!

Narrative is necessarily moral. It must be. Because it is based on action and decisions and communication. Transformers 2 has a morality. Midnight in Paris has a morality. I think we're both agreed on that.

I guess my problem is that I find both to be overly simplistic and a bit skewed in the morality they are inhabiting and presenting.

I'm not even faulting you for liking them. I'm personally UNABLE to "enjoy the ride." It's quite tedious to me. Then again, I don't like roller coasters, either, so maybe I'm just UnAmerican or something.

I'll admit that there are pleasures in Midnight in Paris (I say as much in my first post). There are even some decent moments in Transformers 2. Overall, though, I'm dissatisfied by both and I think that I've done an okay job outlining why this is so in the last couple of posts.

I'm done with Midnight in Paris for now. At the very least I can give the film credit for keeping me excited about blogging for half a week. Maybe the Transformers comparison isn't quite right. Midnight in Paris may be closer to Inception; if only because I cared enough to hate on it for a while instead of easily dismissing it. Midnight in Paris may very well be the only Summer Movie worth wrestling with this year. I don't think anything opening in the next couple months looks even half as good as Midnight. We'll see.

-Captain Killjoy of the Extraordinary Truths Brigade

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