Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Morning

Brandon - True Grit. I need to see it again. I wish that the Coens would do commentary tracks. I'd buy a copy of the DVD for myself and one for everyone else in film club. As far as education goes, I'm with the self-directed learning folks, but there's something special when you can find a great teacher. Most of my college classroom education was mostly worthless, but I'm really happy that I got to take that Art & History of Film class. It's not like you didn't have teachers. You had your dad. Quite right. And as you pointed out, you had Ebert. God save the critic.

Jason -

Ben - Yeah, I got a little bit defensive after hearing everyone else articulate variations on the idea of "just enjoy the story" or "just go along for the ride," implying that I privilege high-falutin' ideas and theme over narrative. Which is just dead wrong.

Jeff - You wrote: "I’m personally extremely annoyed by twitter (does considering it a device of self-glorification for a society already so narcissistic it might fuck itself to death constitute as annoyance? haha)." WAIT!!! WHAT??? IS THIS REALLY COMING FROM THE DUDE WHO JUST DEFENDED WOODY ALLEN'S LATEST $30M WANK-A-THON? ALLEN'S PETIT MORT MUST BE A SIGN OF THE IMPENDING GLOBAL MASTURBATORY JUDGMENT. (forgive the CAPS. I'm just having fun.)

Lisa - I had to look up Maroon 5 and I'm still not sure who they are, but I'm pretty sure that I don't care. According to IMDB, they have a song on the soundtrack of Smallville S4E2, so I'll be sure to comment on that specifically whenever I finally get around to Season 4. Enjoy the concert.

Everyone - What's everyone doing Saturday afternoon? Our movie options are crap, but maybe a quick drink somewhere? Or maybe lots of quick drinks and then Mr. Popper's Penguins?

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