Thursday, June 23, 2011


Let's do something.


Three options:

1) Tree of Life - 4:20 showing @ Cinemapolis (I've got to work in the morning and I don't think I can leave earlier than 1ish, so I couldn't make the 1:45 even though that would be preferable). We could meet at 3 and have a drink on the Commons and chat or whatever. Then, 4:20!


2) Party at my place. I got the "okay" from the keeper of the keys of my home to invite you all up to our place. Maybe watch a couple of Buster Keaton shorts? Maybe watch Rubin and Ed, one of my favorite films that no one else has ever seen? Grill some veggie patties and empty some growlers?


3) A bottle of rum and Mr. Popper's Penguins.


Let's figure something out by the end of today.


Ben said...

Ok, now I'm jealous.

trawlerman said...

That's funny. I thought you would be back. I just went back and checked and you clearly wrote that you'd be gone from Fri-Sun, but I only read Fri, assuming you'd be back by Saturday.

If this actually happens, I'll be sure to live tweet the event for you.

Ben said...

haha, a live tweet would be appreciated. I won't be back until late Sunday night. I'll take some satisfaction in the fact that I will be seeing Tree of Life on Friday - a full day before all of you!

My offer still stands for everyone to join Melissa and I when we go to Ithaca to see it next week or the week after (I hope I like it enough to see it again).

Have fun Saturday.