Thursday, June 2, 2011


Thanks to a crazy overnight shift and a strange sleep schedule today, I'm a few episodes into Season 2 of BSG. The 2-part Season 1 finale pulls together a lot of threads and answers some questions. I was impressed by the MAJOR SPOILER pregnancy reveal. Wow.

Now, I've got to track down some webisodes.

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Ben said...

The webisodes don't start until after season 2 with The Resistance. Between 3 and 4 you can watch Razor, which is a movie/two-hour long special episode, and Razor Flashbacks, which is another short web series. The Face of the Enemy is between 4 and 4.5 (the season was split when released). A movie called The Plan was released in 2010 after the show ended. Technically it takes place during season 1 and is from the Cylons perspective. However, I'd still wait until after you've seen the series. From what I remember there are no serious spoilers but I remember being glad that I waited.