Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick response to Brandon, then I'm done for the night.

Brandon, your review of the reviews had me smiling bigger than Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson in their best make-up.

Really good stuff.

I want to respond to one thing:

"The caricature argument falls flat. Comedy has always featured cliché bad guys. Allen’s heroes (The Marx Brothers, Chaplin, Keaton, Abbott and Costello) all used them in nearly every film. When one of you is ready to go head to head with any of those guys let me know. You will lose. But John seems to be referring to something that I need to see to truly comment on."

This is something that I was really aware of and made me hesitate in my argumentation. I was afraid that someone would use this against me. I guess my only response is that it feels different in Midnight. It feels mean and it feels self-serving. But, now I'm sounding like Jason as I moan on about my feelings. :)

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